Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Job Board Hits the Web

Yet another new job board is available to job seekers: Free Agents Jobs at

Free Agents Jobs is a generic job board that doesn't specialize in any one industry or level of position. It allows you to search based on the usual factors, as well as who posted the position - a company, a recruiter, or an individual.

Unlike most job boards, Free Agents Jobs highlights their automated job agent function and makes it obvious how to launch one. Another unique quality of this job board is the way it organizes returned searches by utilizing a tabbed format to display key aspects of the jobs in a visually pleasing way.

For example, jobs are coded in the returned search list based on industry, date of posting, full/part-time status, salary (if included by the poster), and distance from your location.

The downside to this board, as with most new boards, is that initially it contains fewer jobs, so early searches can be unproductive. This board does appear to be attracting some mid-career positions but won't be likely to be very helpful for executives in job search mode.

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