Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Internet-Only Job Searches Take 3 Times Longer

Most job seekers I speak with are astounded to learn that only 4% of job seekers who use the Net actually find jobs that way. They'd be even more astounded, then to read the results of a recent job search study by MilitaryJobHunts.

MJH analyzed the results of 600 job searches and found:

In a group of about 400 military job hunters who solely used the Internet as their job search method, the average job hunt was 7.5 months. In a group of about 200 job hunters who used the Internet along with job networking, personal referrals, and job fairs, the average time in a career transition was 2.5 months.

Interesting, right? Now if you're thinking that these results apply to veterans only, think again - all evidence points to agreement with MJH's findings. Those job seekers most likely to find a job online are those seeking technical occupations (computer programmers, LAN/WAN networkers and the like). If you are not seeking such a job, you are better off using the Internet to:

  • Source new employers to contact
  • Research companies
  • Get bio information on key contacts in targeted companies
  • Expand your network in new directions
  • Do your own salary research
  • Pinpoint new key words to use in your self-marketing materials
  • Update your career brand

Internet job searching is seductive, no doubt about it. Use it strategically, but be careful to avoid allowing the Net to sabotage your search.

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