Friday, July 20, 2007

News Tidbits

  • has launched a new job search portal in the UK, its third national site release.
  • CNNMoney cited a Challenger, Gray, & Christmas report that job seekers found jobs 17% faster this Spring than in the previous quarter. The overall median time to re-employment in the US is down to 3 months from a high of 4.2 months in late 2006. There's even better news, though, for 50+ aged job seekers - their job search time reduced 32% over the previous quarter. Sometimes it pays to be middle aged!
  • is a new entry to the constantly-expanding range of job search portals, and one most job seekers should take a serious look at. This job search engine only searches employer websites for open positions. The portal permits no advertising on its site and intends to transform Internet job search practices by becoming the "purest" job board in the world. It is a relief to the eye to sift through long lists of job openings without having to close pop-up windows and avoid context-driven ads. While registration isn't required to use, it is necessary if you want to set up automated search agents.

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camel said...

Hi Cheryl,

The link to Indeed's UK job search site is actually: