Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Survey: What Job Seekers Really Want

Croner Consulting, a UK-based consulting firm, today released the results of a survey comparing what hiring employers think job seekers want and what job seekers actually want. Their most nteresting results:

What Surveyed Employers Think You Want:

  • Strong company reputation [65.1%]
  • Workplace culture/environment [54.5%]
  • Staff development initiatives [52%]

What Surveyed Job Seekers Want:

  • Preferred location of work [47%]
  • Holiday/vacation time [43%]
  • Flexible work hours [39%]
  • Bonuses [39%]
  • Workplace culture [38%]
  • Staff development [28%]

What's missing from the top 6 list of job seeker desires? Salary and benefits.

What's interesting about the top 3 list of job seeker desires? They all relate to life/work balance.

The obvious mismatch between what job seekers are looking for and what employers think they want may help explain why so many companies still struggle with their recruiting efforts. Also interesting, though, is that employers value staff development (and perhaps find it necessary?), yet it rates lower for job seekers.

Two conclusions about this research seem plausible:

  1. If you want to get an employer's attention in the hiring process, make sure you comment on their reputation and ask questions about their workplace culture and staff development focus.
  2. If your desires mirror those of the job seekers surveyed by Croner, make sure you inquire about and strategically negotiate telecommuting options, holiday/vacation days, flexible work hours, and company bonus structure.

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