Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Few Ideas from Dick Bolles

If you haven't had to job search in awhile, consider these effective job search strategies, adapted from Richard Bolles, best-selling author of What Color Is Your Parachute?:

  • Let go of the past and get on with your future.

  • Take time to inventory your strongest - and most preferred - skills.

  • Believe that it is up to you to find another job - no one else can do it for you.

  • Spend a minimum of 35 hours per week looking for work ... just as if job searching is your full-time job.

  • Visit a minimum of 2-3 employers daily to submit your application/resume.

  • Approach companies with 20 or fewer employees (that's where two-thirds of all jobs are).

  • Check with any company that interests you, regardless of whether or not they have a current opening.

  • Ask everyone you know for leads.

  • Confine the label you put on yourself to: "I'm a person who's good at ...".

  • Consider any job that will allow you to use your favorite skills.

  • Get face-to-face with employers before submitting your resume/application.

  • Research by book, Internet, and word of mouth any company you intend to visit or contact.

  • Put together a support/accountability group with whom you report in.

  • Collect success stories from successful job seekers to inspire you.

While we're on the subject of Richard Bolles, you may want to take a look at his superlative job search site:

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